Hike to Rosskopf Wind Turbines

Friday, June 11, 2021, 14:00 - 18:00

Kanonenplatz / Rosskopf

There will be a tour to the wind turbines on Rosskopf on July 11th afternoon for people from wind energy or control lectures that are interested in it. Participation is voluntary and completely independent and on own responsibility. Wind energy systems students start at 14:00 (sharp) at Kanonenplatz (google maps) and then walk up to Roßkopf. Other interested people start walking 15 minutes later. We go first to Siebenlinden, where the way straight up to Roßkopf starts and where we always follow the gradient direction. All walkers should arrive latest at 15:30 at the turbine closest to Roßkopfturm. There, Dr. Andreas Markowsky, head of Ökostromgruppe, will tell us more about the wind turbines and the future plans for repowering them. He will also answer questions. Latest at 17:00 we will start to climb down and it can be expected to be home in Freiburg at around 18:00. 

Please wear proper shoes for the hike, and bring your own water, sun protection, rain protection, medical face mask and mobile phone. Respect all regulations currently in place in Freiburg. Keep the distance rule of 1.5m and wear the face mask at moments when you cannot keep the distance.