Jochem De Schutter

PhD Student


Phone: +49-761-203-67851

Room: 102-01-211

Research Interests 

  • Trajectory optimization techniques and software aimed at the design of multi-drone airborne wind energy systems
  • Efficient and economic NMPC formulations for fast nonlinear periodic systems

Short Bio

Jochem De Schutter was born in Antwerp, Belgium. He studied Mechanical Engineering at KU Leuven, where he received his master's degree in 2013. The focus of his studies were thermomechanical energy conversion technologies, leading him to a master's thesis on optimization-based parameter estimation techniques for nuclear fusion reactors. Afterwards he also studied Philosophy in Leuven, obtaining his master's degree in 2015. He then moved to Freiburg and worked as a research and teaching assistant at the University of Freiburg, at the Laboratory for Systems, Control and Optimization. Since December 2016, he is pursuing his PhD there under the supervision of Prof. Moritz Diehl.